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Hello Beautiful People. My name is Marinelle and I am a Canada based fashion stylist and (what I call) a creative dot connector.

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Oh my! Glam Styling was created with the desire of helping business owners, entrepreneurs, content creators, photographers & creative directors stand out through their ad campaigns & branding photoshoot.

As a fashion stylist and creative directress, I help them achieve that goal through these three services below:

I. Styling Services

II. Creativity Unlocked

OMG Styling can provide assistance to a wide range of clientele, whether you are a content creator, entrepreneur or marketing agent, our styling services are designed to help find the perfect clothing and accessories for your actors/models that will suit your needs and budgets. 

Uncertain about what should be the story & creative concept behind your ad campaign?


Creativity Unlocked is the service you need to help you get clarity and connect with your ideal customer. This service consists of 3 video consultations to help you come up with the creative concept for your business' ad campaign that will be used to promote your services & products on your website and social media platforms.  

III. Ad-sthetic Package

(One of the) Styling Services + Creativity Unlocked



Not only will we work together to find the perfect visuals to sell & commercialize your brand story, products, services but I will also provide you with the styling and props you need to execute it. 

Come Behind The Scenes

with us

BTS of Kimberley & Kenny Maternity Photoshoot

BTS of (this cold       ) Winter Photoshoot


BTS of Bayard Gateaux's owner Frenie Branding Photoshoot


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01. The ULTIMATE Phone Video Gear

02. Four Types Of Videos To Promote Your Brand Online

03. Commercial Photoshoot Or Video Shoot Crew Checklist

04. An Entrepreneur's Guide For The BEST Branding Pictures $

05. Tips to Effectively Communicate Your Value Story On Camera $