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Hello Beautiful People. My name is Marinelle and I am a Canada based fashion stylist and (what I call) a creative dot connector.

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Oh my! Glam Styling was created with the desire of helping business owners, entrepreneurs, content creators, photographers, creative directors, marketing agencies / marketing team for a business stand out through their ad campaigns or branding photoshoot.

As a fashion stylist and creative directress, I help them achieve that goal by finding the perfect creative concept behind their commercials and branding photoshoots/videoshoots and also by styling them or their actors on set.

You can learn more about our services, resources and portfolio below.



I. Styling Services

II. Creativity Unlocked

III. Ad-sthetic Package

OMG Styling can provide assistance to a wide range of clientele, whether you are a content creator, entrepreneur or marketing agent, our styling services are designed to help find the perfect clothing and accessories for your actors/models that will suit your needs and budgets. 

Uncertain about what should be the story & creative concept behind your ad campaign?


Creativity Unlocked is the service you need to help you get clarity and connect with your ideal customer. This service consists of 3 video consultations to help you come up with the creative concept for your business' ad campaign that will be used to promote your services & products on your website and social media platforms.  

(One of the) Styling Services + Creativity Unlocked



Not only will we work together to find the perfect visuals to sell & commercialize your brand story, products, services but I will also provide you with the styling and props you need to execute it. 

Sharing the highs and lows of my entrepreneurial journey, business tips, fashion styling tips, branding & marketing tips


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02. Four Types Of Videos To Promote Your Brand Online

02. Five Platforms To Create A Client's Moodboard

03. Commercial Photoshoot Or Video Shoot Crew Checklist

03. How & Where to Find More Fashion Inspo

04. An Entrepreneur's Guide For The BEST Branding Pictures $

04. The ULTIMATE Fashion Styling Kit $

05. Tips to Effectively Communicate Your Value Story On Camera $

05. The ULTIMATE Phone Video Gear